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Doomed Souls Evening

Last Sunday, November 7th, the folks from DonisArt brought doom upon us all.

First – literally, ‘cause their Doomed Souls Evening was taking place at Bucharest’s niche entertainment hotspot The Silver Church Club with a killer line-up of assorted doom metal acts consisting of Forgotten Tomb, October Tide and Saturnus.

Second – figuratively, for they announced that December’s Dark Bombastic Evening II would be the last event under the “Special Evenings” banner. I can only hope they are moving towards a different concept and not abandoning the business altogether, ‘cause that would be a terrible loss for the Romanian underground music scene, malnourished as it already is.

But let’s abandon for now that negative train of thought and focus on the really good stuff that last Sunday brought us.

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Labyrinthic Metal Evening

Saturday evening Bucharest was about as gloomy and depressing as it gets, with a thickly overcast sky and a light but monotonous and cold autumn rain. So there couldn’t really be a better time for a metal show in which the headliners were described as “suicidal black doom”. Add other descriptions to the mix, such as “depressive black” and “gothic horror”, and you get a pretty clear picture of what Labyrinthic Metal Evening, organized by DonisArt, had to offer.
So hell yeah, I said, bring it on!

I got to the Silver Church Club around 8 PM while Romanian depressive black-metallers Kistvaen were already playing. Luckily for me, I was just in time for the second song in their set, which turned out to be […]
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